Eurofurence 28


The Eurofurence photography team takes care of the "official photography stuff" that is happening at EF. This includes for the most part the group pictures and the fursuit photoshoot.

Group pictures

Usually, there are two group pictures scheduled: one for fursuiters only (as in: no bare human skin visible) and one for all attendees, either with or without fursuit. We will do our best to schedule both pictures at a time when there are little to no other events going on and we will have a tight schedule: Arrive on location, line up, click and exit all within the scheduled timeslot. So everybody who wants to join in should plan for that! We can not delay the actual "click" longer than a few seconds after the line up is done reasonably well or we would be there for hours. So if the schedule says "between 12:30 and 13:00" that means that the actual picture will be taken sometime within that half hour, as early as possible, so be there!

Fursuit Photoshoot

The fursuit photoshoot at EF is done a bit different than at other conventions: We don't just pop up a camera on a tripod and yell "next" every few seconds... we actually build up a themed set and have each suiter - or group - pose in several ways to get out more than one picture. Pictures are sorted and manually post-processed in Photoshop after the con to give studio quality results and hide minor costume malfunctions.

The downside of having decent pictures instead of "cookie-cutter" pictures is evident: it takes several minutes for every suiter so while we would love to, we simply cannot provide a timeslot for every suiter that attends EF and thus we have to do sign-ups.

Fursuit Photoshoot Timeslot System

To make the decision who gets a slot a bit more fair, we decided to divide the registration into equal blocks over several days. This way people can stand in shorter lines at more convenient times.

The actual sign-up times will be included in the convention schedule. Please note that every sign-up time will be for a matching timeslot only and since there are different lengths for the group slots and for the individual slots we can only offer you selection of the "hour", not the "minute" part, first come, first serve.

Another measure to increase fairness is that we will prefer people who didn't get a slot the year before. There is no 100% surefire way of detecting this though so please consider this more of a guideline than a hard rule and be fair to others: if you had your picture taken the year before, please don't even get in line for a slot if there is a queue!

FAQ: Why is there a registration system for the fursuit photoshoot?

Our team is working for eight hours a day during the three main convention days Thursday, Friday and Saturday to take pictures. This does not include all the "behind the scenes" work that needs to be done so we can not extend that time without risking some serious trouble and delays. That gives 24 hours of "shooting times" which are divided up into 10 minute timeslots for one or two persons and 15 minutes for three to eight persons. There is also no way of fitting more than eight suiters into the space we have available, the set would have to have "main stage" dimenstions to fit larger groups. Therefore, if we pack all of our time with the maximum eight person groups we could get 768 suiters through... EF22 had almost 1200 suiters registered. With only single person slots we would still get 144 persons. The reality will be somewhere in between.