Eurofurence 28

Art Show – Artist Signup

Participation and Cost

If you think your art deserves a space in the Art Show, please do not hesitate to apply for a panel or table in the show after reading and agreeing to our rules! While access to the Eurofurence Art Show is not restricted, we do curate which applications will be granted space in the Art Show due to the limited space available to us.

You may display only art that you created yourself and not some you just happen to own. The show is not a market for selling leftover purchases or similar. Exceptions may only be made in rare cases, e.g. for Charity.

  • Due to the considerable cost of floor space, we need to charge a small fee per panel and table. Pricing is as follows (see the guide for details on panel sizes):
    • Full panel: 20 €
    • Half panel: 10 €
    • Full table: 10 € (Art Show tables only, not to be confused with Dealers' Den tables)
    • Half table: 5 € (Art Show tables only, not to be confused with Dealers' Den tables)
  • The fee only needs to be paid after you have been accepted to the Art Show and been assigned a final number of panels and/or tables. You only pay for those panels/tables that you actually get, not the ones you request. Payment is due through the Eurofurence Registration system up front. If you fail to pay, your panel/table assignment is void and will be offered to the next artist.
  • The panel/table assignments are not shareable: Each space (application and acceptance) is valid for one artist only (with the exception of collaborations), and comes at a minimum of a half panel or a half table.
  • The panel/table assignments are not transferable to avoid speculation. If you have valid reason to give up your assignment, please contact the Art Show managers and we'll try to find an artist on the waiting list to whom you can pass your assignment.
  • The fee is not refundable after assignments have been determined. If you find yourself unable to participate in the Art Show personally for some reason (after applying, being accepted, and paying the fee), you can always assign an agent of your choice to handle the art for you (see below). If you have valid reason to give up your assignment altogether, see the previous bullet point.
  • You or your agent need to be registered with Eurofurence and participate in the convention. You or your agent are responsible for hanging the art, taking it down, and collecting the money from sales.
  • You have to arrange getting your art to the show by yourself. The Art Show does not allow art to be directly sent in via mail. If you find yourself unable to transport your artwork to Eurofurence, please find an agent to handle it for you. Any cost arising from your transportation, customs etc. must be determined and paid by yourself. We can not offer any advice or assistance on these subjects.
  • There is no insurance involved. Of course there is security present to guard the Art Show. There is a computer system to keep track of exhibits. And of course the managers will help you identify the perpetrator in any case of damaged artwork. However, the Art Show cannot be held accountable for matters of theft, vandalism, or accidents. It is up to you to file claims against identified or unidentified offenders.
  • Eurofurence just arranges sales between artists and buyers. Any financial obligations resulting from those sales (like taxes) have to be managed and fulfilled by you. You do not enter a sales contract with Eurofurence or the Eurofurence Art Show, but with the buyer.

The name you or your agent are registered under must be the same as the one you register for the convention. (The artist name shown on the bidsheets can be freely selected.) The Art Show signup template requires your (or your agent's, if you don't participate yourself) Eurofurence registration number.

Curation Requirement

The Art Show is curated; the available panel and table space will be distributed by the Art Show managers among all submitted applications based on various criteria. The Art Show managers may deny your request, or limit the number of panels/tables allocated to you.

  • On the application email template, you are required to provide examples in the form of a public gallery or a private share where the Art Show managers can have a look at your prior work.
  • A certain minimum quality for artwork is expected. While the Art Show likes giving new and different artists a chance to participate, the limited space makes a selection of exhibitors necessary. Quality and originality will be among the criteria for this selection process, but not the sole criteria.
  • If you are using photography as your medium, the photo in itself must have artistic quality. We will e.g. not display low-resolution snapshots from a Sunday at the zoo. Like all other art, photography must be framed. Display of photos is limited.
  • If you use 2D/3D computer graphics (still rendering / animation), the rendering (including modeling) must have artistic quality. We will e.g. not display slightly modified Poser models or Second Life screenshots. Like all other art, computer graphics must be framed.
  • If you are in doubt regarding your participation or the suitability of your artwork, don't hesitate to ask the Art Show managers.
  • In addition to the quality requirements, the general rules must be followed for all exhibit pieces.

Exhibition Process

The Eurofurence Art Show is handling hundreds of exhibits by a score of artists. To perform our service in an efficient manner, we need to keep to a standard process, which on the artist's side involves the following steps:

  • Information: You read through, understand and follow the signup documentation, the rules, and the guide, which will cover most of your questions. If you have any special needs, or find an open question, you may ask the Art Show team for clarification at any time.
  • Signup: You apply for the Art Show by email, and thereby register. You will need to tell us how many panels and tables you need, and what your age rating is for each of those. Make sure that you don't ask for more space than you can actually fill with exhibits.
  • Deadline: You need to have applied by the deadline, which is April 30th.
  • Panel distribution: After the deadline, we will look at the numbers of available panels/tables vs. the number of panels/tables requested, and assign space to each artist. This may or may not be the amount of space you have asked for, depending on how much demand there is.
  • Art production: You will need to create art. The exhibit must physically exist and be complete to be suitable for the show (e.g. no YCHs). The art must be in a displayable state (i.e. framed) at the time of the show.
  • Online database: You will be handed a login for an online database. You need this to enter the required information for each piece of art you want to exhibit, and to print bidsheets.
  • Getting the art to the show: If you attend Eurofurence yourself, you just bring the art with you. Otherwise, you will need to appoint an agent who brings the art and picks it up again (see below).
  • Hanging the art: We will provide you with the panels and hooks for hanging, as well as sticky tape for the bidsheets. It is up to you or your agent to hang the art together with the accompanying bidsheets.
  • Leave packaging: It is possible for you to leave the packaging for the art in the Art Show. If the art is sold, the buyer will receive the packaging for the transport home.
  • During the Art Show: You don't need to do anything during the Art Show opening times. You may enjoy the convention, or sit in the Dealers' Den (please use the separate application process – Dealers' Den tables are not part of the Art Show) for commercial activity. The Art Show will do all the required handling for you, up to the sales.
  • Picking up unsold art: If any of your exhibits remains unsold (or was not for sale), you or your agent need to pick it up after the show is closed.
  • Picking up revenue: When the sales are done, the artists will receive an immediate payout on site. This is a separate step from picking up unsold art.

If necessary, we can deviate from the process; but make sure to read the whole documentation to understand how these processes work first, before asking for an exception.


The application / registration process has a number of dates and times you need to be aware of. If you don't meet these deadlines, you may cause grievances, delays, or even endanger your participation. Note that some dates for deadlines will be announced later when the convention's schedule has been finalized.

  • Applications need to be sent by 30th of April. It is possible to apply for Art Show space after that, but we will have distributed all available panels and tables by then, so unless there are more panels available than needed, you will end up on the waiting list. There is a chance that you get in, but you will not have a guaranteed space.
  • You can retract your application until panels have been assigned. After that time, the panels/tables are yours to keep. You can open a ticket with the Art Show if a transfer is unavoidable, but we do not guarantee that a transfer is possible.
  • You can enter data into the online database until shortly before the con. The exact date will be emailed with the regular info emails for the Art Show. The database is taken offline for use at the con site after that. You can still enter data at the con, but there will be waiting times and queues.
  • You (or your agent) may hang art on the opening day (recommended), or the morning of the day after.
  • You (or your agent) need to pick up your unsold art on the last con day. Artists may pick up unsold art at the announced time. You need to check out unsold art; get your checkout sheet at the Art Show counter (look for the signs, we provide an extra queue).
    The Art Show cannot store any art that you leave behind. If you have any trouble keeping the date, talk to us for a different pickup date. We cannot guarantee the safety of abandoned art.
  • You (or your agent) need to pick up your money after the sales. The money from actual sales will be paid out after all sales have concluded. Therefore, the artist payout depends on the duration of the sales. We may require you to be flexible with respect to the exact payout time, but if you absolutely cannot make it, please contact us as early as possible so an alternative time slot can be arranged for you.


It is generally best practice for an artist to personally come to Eurofurence to hang their art. Sometimes however, an artist cannot make it due to time, money, or distance issues. In these cases, that artist may appoint an agent to handle the art, the payment, and the revenue for them.

Note: It is not possible to send exhibits to the Art Show by mail. If you find yourself unable to transport your artwork yourself, please find an agent to handle it for you.

"Agent" refers to the person that actually comes to Eurofurence and works with us in getting the art displayed, sold, and picked up. The agent will handle money for you, so it must be a person you trust.

The Art Show must know about your agent. We cannot just have a stranger come in with your stuff and hang your art and collect money. This may as well be a thief that tries to sell stolen goods! Only designated agents may pick up art or money.

  • When you apply with an agent, you need to fill in the agent contact data as well as your own. Do not fill the line asking for your Eurofurence registration number (which you will not have), but fill the line asking for your agent's registration number, so we can confirm their identity via their badge.
  • You can only have one agent.
  • An agent, on the other hand, can perform their service for several artists.
  • The agent is responsible for everything, including paying your Art Show fee. This is because the fee is added to the Eurofurence ticket fee, and it's the agent who has that ticket as they are coming to Eurofurence instead of you. You will thus need to reimburse them.
  • The Eurofurence Art Show does not monitor your transactions with your agent (e.g. them transferring the sales revenue to you). We will treat the agent as if they were you.
  • All Eurofurence Art Show communication will be sent to your agent as well as to you, under the email you provide with the application. It is up to you to agree on who is going to answer upcoming questions or react to issues.
  • If you need to change your agent, or get an agent at all after you have already applied, send us a ticket. Note that this will also require us re-booking the Art Show fee to the new agent.

Signup and Application

Before applying, please take the following information into account:

  • All fields are mandatory unless specified otherwise.
  • For all communication, we will only use the email address from which the application was sent and that of the agent if specified. It is up to you to ensure you retain access to it, or inform us of any changes.
  • The contact information provided in the application remains private and will not be disclosed to third parties in accordance with applicable law. The public contact info that you can optionally enter into the Art Show database will be included with the customer receipts so a customer is able to contact you for questions. The email address(es) provided with the application will not be shared.
  • Note that your address is mandatory. Should there be legal disputes of any sort that cannot be resolved by an email exchange, we may be legally required to pass this address on to law officials or involved parties. Patrons and customers will not see your address.
  • You may ask for half panels and half tables. Find the panel sizes, shapes, and structures in the Artist Guide section.
  • The number of panels/tables should be what you can fill and afford. We cannot guarantee that this is the number of panels or tables that we can actually allocate to you. Desired panels that we cannot give to you immediately may become available at a later time.
  • Available panels and tables will be distributed after April 30th. If we have not received your application by then, you may end up on the waiting list.
  • Be sure to fill out your application truthfully and correctly. Incomplete applications will be rejected.

Apply for a panel now

What happens after that? Are changes possible? Can new panels be ordered?

  • The panels that are confirmed by the Art Show are yours. We will not take them away or redistribute them. You can plan your final layout for the show.
  • You may apply (or try to book additional panels if you need them) at any time even after the registration has been closed. However, the panels will most likely be gone by then, and you will end up on the waiting list behind the people that have applied before the deadline. We cannot guarantee that you will get a panel, but some may become available for transfer.
  • Changes to the assignment (adding or (trying to) remove panels/tables, or changing the agent) require manual changes to the memberships of the parties involved and are thus subject to availability. Please try to apply only for a reasonable amount of panels and think early about getting an agent as we cannot guarantee that we can fulfill all change requests.

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