Eurofurence 28


People have the right to participate in public life and society, and no one should be disadvantaged because of their disability. Here we provide information on what we are doing to make our convention more accessible and provide a better experience.


If you can not walk / stand, you do not have to queue up and wait in a line.

If you have a "Handicapped ID" (Behindertenausweis) or you are (without handicapped ID) disabled in regard of walking or standing (i.e. after an operation or because of an injury such as a broken foot/leg) or in need of a wheelchair you are not required to queue yourself at all for our events. The Queue Management Security Group will let you enter directly into the respective event at the command doors open.

Example for Handicapped ID: German "Behindertenausweis" with signs außergewöhnlich gehbehindert ("aG"), blind ("Bl") or hilflos ("H")


Every Show and Event accessible with wheelchair.

We normally have special seats/places reserved for physically handicapped Attendees and persons with wheelchair. Please ask any member of the Queue Management Security Group about them at the respective event. If you want to know more about the accessibility of the venue, please check their website we linked in the next topic "Venue".

Flashing lights

Some of our events like the dances and the main shows (like opening ceremony) (can) include flashing lights.


The Congress Center Hamburg provides barrier-free access. Every room is accessible by wheelchair and there are 18 disabled parking spaces in total. You can find more detailed information about the accessibility of the CCH on their website.

Quiet Room

If you're in need of some silence or rest, you can use the quiet room. It's a place where you can spend time away from noise, light, big crowds and other stimuli.

It's important to keep this place a quiet space, so please follow the rules. You can find them in the room and in the Conbook. For locations, please check the Conbook or the map in the App.

Service animal

Due to Convention Center rules, dogs (those without zippers) and other pet animals are generally not allowed on the CCH premises.

There are, however, circumstances under which an Attendee can bring an assistant dog (Assistenzhund), if the attendee and their dog are certified according to the German Assistenhundeverordnung (AHundV) and can provide the photo ID according to Att. 9 AHundV. Only valid certifications will be accepted.

Certifications for Assistant dogs can be verified OnSite in the Security Office at any time according to the AHundV. A verification is only valid for one convention and has to be renewed every year (in the same way).

Gender neutral bathrooms

There are gender neutral bathrooms available. For locations, please check the Conbook or the map in the App.

Sign language interpretation

Currently, we cannot provide sign language interpretation for our events. If you are in need of interpretation, please let us know anyway, so we can work on it in the future. Send an e-mail to

We try to have subtitles for some of our main shows. But we cannot guarantee yet.


Eurofurence endeavors to make its websites accessible.

This website is predominantly accessible. The requirements of WCAG 2.2 AA are largely met from a technical point of view.

Still, we have some points, that are not accessible or hardly accessible. We are endeavoring to eliminate the remaining barriers.

  • Modals are not accessible via keyboard navigation only.
  • Menu does not expand while using keyboard navigation only.
  • The graphics for the nose count are not accessible for some people with disabilities.

Feedback and contact

You can inform us of any shortcomings with regard to compliance with accessibility requirements by sending an e-mail to

At the convention, you can always ask a staff member. Staff member have orange (staff), red (director) or blue and yellow (security) lanyards and badge marks. We also provide call boxes with direct communication to Con Ops and/or Security.