Eurofurence 28

September 18th to 21st, 2024, CCH Hamburg, Germany
Eurofurence 28: Cyberpunk
Eurofurence 28: Cyberpunk
September 18th to 21st, 2024, CCH Hamburg, Germany

Your optic implant has been glitching. There is no other explanation for the flashing image of the canid that kept popping up along with a string of numbers. You have attempted to recode it, but the image keeps coming back up, flashing with an intensity that is almost too much for your optics.

The words “go here” sitting over the string of numbers were new, however. Coordinates, then, downloaded directly to your enhanced neural pathways. Ever since the Change, you have kept to yourself, surviving on the small garden you had left over and scavenging around for parts. You have searched for people like you, combing the dataways on the ‘net every night, tapping into communication hubs left and right. Perhaps it is time to branch out.

And that is how you find yourself amidst the glittering neon signs of the CCH. The city that never sleeps, in both the real as well as the virtual world.

A quick tap on your shoulder sends you spinning. Before you can speak, a communication drive is entered in the port on your arm, uploading a dataset.

Hello visitor the words scroll over your optics, before being replaced by a list of options. Blinking, you select the <ACTIVITIES> option.

Welcome to the CCH. We hope you have a pleasant stay. We offer many opportunities to enjoy our community. Ride the synthwaves through the soundscape with our DJs at the dances, observe the wonders available for sale in our Dealers’ Den or dress up in your finest circuitry and plug in to our network to share thoughts and experiences. You are with friends here, wander no longer.

The possibilities here in the neon-lit corridors of the CCH are endless, so let’s begin the journey…

Newcomer's Guide

General Policies

First and foremost, as an attendee of Eurofurence, you must have read and agreed to all general policies.
Take your time and make sure you understand everything. If in doubt, contact our security department about questions regarding these rules.

You'll find all policies under "Policies", section "General Policies".

Furthermore, all policies listed under "Event Policies" apply to all attendees who attend certain events or activities at the convention.

Dates & Deadlines

From To
Event Application January 1st July 6th *
Stage Event Application January 1st April 15th
DJ Application February 11th May 31st
Streamer Badge Registration March 1st September 6th
Dealers' Den Application February 2nd March 3rd
Dealer Assistant Registration February 2nd September 6th
Art Show Panel Application February 2nd April 30th
* You can always contact us throughout the year if you have a cool idea. Submitting after the deadline may result in the event not being in the conbook.

At the Convention

Once arrived at the convention, there are two very first things to do in no particular order:

  • Check in with the hotel at the reception and receive your room key.
  • Check in to the convention at our Registration Desk on-site and receive your convention badge, Con Book and various other goodies.
    To find the Registration Desk, check for available floor maps or ask other attendees or our staff.
    Outside of registration hours, you can register at any time at the Security Frontdesk.

If you ever need to identify our staff, that's easy:

  • Orange and red lanyards indicate staff members.
  • Blue & Yellow indicate our security personnel - they can not only answer all your questions, but they'll also keep you safe and are able to provide medical help, if need arises.

Working at Eurofurence

If you'd like to lend a helping hand at or around the convention, we've got a list of open positions to fill. Make sure to check the page frequently, as we keep updating it throughout the entire year.

Artists: Selling at Eurofurence

There are generally two ways of selling merchandise at Eurofurence: by auction in the Art Show / Art Auction and directly in the Dealers' Den or Artist Alley. All options except Artist Alley require you to to register beforehand until a given deadline and apply for a panel or table accordingly. Read on for deadlines and application processes: