Eurofurence 24
Aviators - Conquer the Sky!

Startdate for EF24 AUG 22, 2018  —  
Enddate for EF24 AUG 26, 2018  ♦  Berlin, Germany

Berlin, Germany

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Job offers

A convention as big as Eurofurence can't simply grow without people committing some of their time and skills to it - people like you. Every now and then we are looking for creative people willing to volunteer, to help us with making Eurofurence the best possible experience for everyone! In case you find yourself addressed by one of the following job-offers, feel free to drop us a line. We will gladly have you aboard.

We can't offer any form of payment, but we're sure that seeing all those happy attendees will be reward enough.

The PawPet Show

The PawPet Show

Do you like fur, art, puppetry or gimmicky stage tech? Then we have great news for you!

To achieve even greater goals for the future, the Eurofurence Pawpet Team is looking for enthusiastic people who would like to share their love for the fandom by helping to make one of its biggest events even more awesome.

The EF Pawpet Show is with 17 years one of the longest running spectacles of the fandom. Every year the team amazes more than 2000 people with emotional adventures, memorable characters and impressive anthropomorphic puppets. Everything you will see at the show is handcrafted and live played by about 50 dedicated team members and amazing volunteers.

We offer you to join this very team at Eurofurence to apply your individual talents, obtain hands on experience in theatrical production and get to know the people behind “Skies of Astar” and “Keepers of the Light”.

So, what are you waiting for?
We are looking for a wide variety of people who:

  • Can use their hands to hold, sew, saw or glue (Workshop)
  • Like to draw fantastic creatures and sceneries from scratch (Art)
  • Have an interest in video and media production (Postproduction)
  • Or get watery eyes by hi-tech stage equipment (Stage)

You want to help? Then send us a note or contact ”@Jyanon” on Telegram.

You don’t have the time but still would like to help?
Than check out our newly created Patreon page and YouTube channel.
We regularly share insightful updates about the whole PPS production and even publish unique footage about the shows to come.

Become an active supporter and join us today.
See you behind the show!

The Daily Eurofurence


As of this year, Eurofurence's daily newspaper is planning to branch into digital formats too. Your job is to plan, shoot and edit news-videos. The clips will be short (max. 3 minutes) and mostly interview-based, but other formats are possible, e.g. timelapses or audioslides.

Necessary skills:

  • good command of English
  • experience with basic video editing and willingness to improve
  • basic social skills (be a team player!)

Useful skills:

  • interest in news journalism and willingness to conduct interview yourself
  • ideally, you can bring your own equipment

Our team at the Daily is experienced when it comes to print, but video is new to us. So we're looking for someone who can look beyond a few initial hiccups and figure out cool, creative ways to supplement our print product with fun and engaging additional material for our social media presence. We're not looking for technical perfection, but for someone who can think outside the box. The biggest challenge is the clock: Whatever you start, it should be finished within the day.

We offer:

  • insight into an experienced furry newsroom
  • friendly work-atmosphere
  • peeks behind the scene of Europe's biggest furry con
  • a job with many degrees of freedom

Note: If preferred, it's possible to split jobs and work half of the time as a video journalist and the other half as a writer or as social media manager.


As of this year, Eurofurence's daily newspaper is planning to branch out from print into digital formats. Your job is to plan, execute and monitor our social media posts. Our platforms include Twitter, Youtube and possibly Instagram.

Necessary skills:

  • very good command of English
  • familiarity with different social platforms
  • some familiarity with Eurofurence and the fandom itself
  • basic social skills (be a team player!)

Useful skills:

  • familiarity with with advanced software tools to schedule posts and analyse their success
  • basic photography and video editing skills

Before Eurofurence, you work out a strategy together with the editor (Luxen) and set up the necessary profiles. At the con, your attend the daily morning briefing ("news conference") and during the day, you collect and edit suitable content to our channels. It's roughly four hours a day, if you're good at time-management.

We offer:

  • insight into an experienced furry newsroom
  • friendly work-atmosphere
  • peeks behind the scene of Europe's biggest furry con
  • a job with many degrees of freedom

Note: While we'd prefer to have one person for the job, it's possible to split the social media manager position between two people who take turns. This way, you could, for example, do half of your time as a writer/video editor.

Interested? Contact Luxen on Telegram or Twitter.

Con Operations (ConOps)

As the Convention grows, the Department of Con Operations needs to grow too. So, we are constantly searching for new volunteers who are willing to help us out. Below you will find all open positions for the upcoming convention.

Please contact us if you are interested in supporting Con Operations

Front Office

At the Front Office, you will be in direct contact with our guests, answering all kind of questions about the convention and the hotel, operating lost and found and much more. The front office is in the ConOps office and is open during the convention from Wednesday to Saturday 10 AM to 10 PM. You can expect a daily shift of about 2-4 Hours.

Being fluent in English is mandatory for this position, as you will be dealing with people from a lot of different nationalities.

Locker Service

At the locker service, you will be in direct contact with our guest. You will be taking care of personal belongings which aren’t allowed in the art show or in the dealers´ den.
The locker service is located at the entrance of the convention center and is open during the convention from Thursday to Saturday from 11:15 AM to 20:45 PM. You can expect a daily shift of about 1-2 Hours.

Fluency in English is mandatory for this position, as is a strong sense of order. You will be expected to keep things organized!

Room Management

Room management takes care of all panels held in the conference rooms of the hotel. The diversity of events taking place makes it necessary to maintain a lot of different materials, ranging from projectors to PA-systems but also simpler things like office materials. Working hours of this department start daily before the first event and end after the last one. You can expect multiple short shifts of about 20-40 minutes every day between events.

Fluency in English is mandatory for this position, and you need to be reliable and are expected to be on time.

Setup Crew

A lot of stuff needs to be taken care of before the first guest even arrives at the hotel, and after everybody goes home a lot of stuff needs to broke down. The setup crew takes care of everything that needs to be done to make the convention great! Helping building up decorations, furniture, unloading of our trucks and much more. Your duty starts on the early early arrival day (Monday) until Wednesday morning and again from Sunday to Monday. You will be helping all over the convention and you can expect a heavy workload during this time, but you will be free during all normal convention days.

You need to be at the convention from Monday morning until Monday evening 7 days later. Be ready to move very heavy equipment! Safety boots and gloves are recommended!


Our specialists in logistics knows where to get the best stuff! And they drive the biggest Trucks at Eurofurence! Delivering on the spot in time is what they do best. Eurofurence needs more than 10 tons of equipment and nobody knows better how to manage that than these folks! You will help our specialists getting all consumables at different wholesales, transporting equipment to different storage locations, planning routes and sorting out everything.

Depending on your interests you need to take part in different meetings taking place weeks before the convention. It´s recommended that you already have some experience in logistics and its highly preferred that you also own a truck driver’s license.

Faces of ConOps


Our convention keeps growing significantly and we're glad to see even more happy faces each year. However, as the attendance continues to grow, we are looking for additional volunteers for our Security Team to make sure we can provide our guests with the high level of service we've established over the last 20 years.

If you're interested in volunteering at Eurofurence, now is a good time to become a member of the Security Team. You'll get to see how this convention works behind the scenes, meet a lot of people and help making community events like Eurofurence possible at all. Oh and free coffee ;) What's not to love?

All members of Security are Furries themselves and want to enjoy Eurofurence as much as you do. We're making sure there is plenty of time to take part in the convention -- it's supposed to be a vacation, after all.

Over the years, we established a balance between fun and professionalism that is working out very well. We take our job serious, not ourselves.

Your job will be to make the convention safe and enjoyable for our guests. We provide a lot more than a typical bouncer: we care about our guests and strife to make them feel welcome. A polite and friendly demeanour is an absolute must at all times. Also, you'll need to bring the following:

  • Sufficient fluency in English to communicate with our attendees. Fluency in German or other languages is a plus.
  • Willingness to work at least twelve 1-hour timeslots during the whole convention. There is a variety of duties to take on: Camp Fire, Art Show, Queue Control, Locker Service, Dances and many more require different services our team provides. We will develop your duty schedule according to your individual preferences and make sure it's not colliding with any event you want to attend.
  • Willingness to carry a handheld radio on your belt and be on standby during your off-duty time, but only for as long as you like. You can sign off, put your radio away and go have a drink at any time.
  • Punctuality and reliability. We need to be sure you will show up to your assigned duties.
  • Willingness to go through an online course regarding Security Basics and the Rules of Conduct. It won't take too long and is actually interesting. You could even learn something useful for everyday life.
  • A responsible and respectable behaviour - even in a situation with conflict of interests - and a drama-free reputation.
  • No tasks in other teams during the convention besides setup and teardown. We don't want to burn anyone out.

You will be provided with everything you'll need for your duties. We will not just thrust a radio into your hands and throw you to the wolves, you will get training and personal coaching. No-one works alone during their shifts and you can contact your Team Leader or Dispatch (yes, we have a whole dispatching system, custom software and all - you'll love it) at any time. After your first year, we offer advanced training that can bring you at the same level as a professional Security officer, so you'll be able to lead your own team or checkpoint.

We will conduct a short voice-chat with you to get to know you a bit. Don't worry, this is not an interrogation, but a personal chat between you, me and and my recruitment office to make sure we're on the same page about any questions you might have.

Are you interested in joining the Security Team? Please write an email to, we will get back to you shortly. Thank you for taking the time to read this, we're looking forward to hear from you!

These offers are subject to constant change throughout the year. If you're interested in helping us out, make sure to check this page periodically so that you don't miss your favorite job!