Eurofurence 24
Aviators - Conquer the Sky!

Startdate for EF24 AUG 22, 2018  —  
Enddate for EF24 AUG 26, 2018  ♦  Berlin, Germany

Berlin, Germany

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The Daily Eurofurence

The Daily Eurofurence is a printed daily newsletter that is distributed for free at Eurofurence. Introduced at Eurofurence 15, it quickly found a broad readership among the attendees. The Daily features articles, reviews and interviews on various topics concerning Eurofurence and the Furry Fandom in general. It also includes stories, cartoons, announcements and the latest timetable information. All issues are available on this site, so have a look at them and print them out, if you like!


Do you have an idea for an article? Or do you want to share some feedback? Write to the Daily Eurofurence Team.


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Eurofurence 23 - Ancient Egypt

2804 adventurers were roaming the Estrel Pyramid in search of long forgotten treasures. Did they succeed? Read below!

Eurofurence 22 - Back to the 80s

2359 fresh people joined this retro-futuristic party - not all of them arrived in a DeLorean, which is to remain a mystery.

Eurofurence 21 - Greenhouse World

This civilization will never go down - instead, it grows! 2095 creatures from 25 countries were rocking the place.

Eurofurence 20 - Crime Scene Berlin

Our first year in the Estrel Hotel Berlin. First of many! 2015 police dogs were snooping around.

Eurofurence 19 - Aloha Hawaii

The fourth and last time at Magdeburg brought us the to the tropical beaches and sunsets of sweet Hawaii. 1415 attendees were wearing flower wreaths.

Eurofurence 18 - Animalia Romana

For the third time around, the Maritim hotel almost felt like home. This convention will be remembered by many as the one that brought the music back, featuring the Rock'n'Rome band concert. 1278 furs made it to Magdeburg.

Eurofurence 17 - Kung Fur Hustle

Staying at the Maritim hotel the second time, everything ran smoother than last year, making this Asian and martial-arts themed convention one of the best Eurofurences ever. 1065 attendees were counted.

Eurofurence 16 - Serengeti

The first convention in the Maritim hotel in Magdeburg had many highlights. Among our favourites were the first live fursuit theatre and the parade through Magdeburg's inner city.

Eurofurence 15 - 1001 Arabian Nights

Goodbye Ringberg! Eurofurence didn't leave the "Best Convention Hotel" (an award created for this occasion) without a good deal of furry madness - from pool parties to magic carpet rides.