Artist Alley

Opening Times

The Artist Alley will be open from Wednesday, 11 am, to Saturday, 6 pm, during Eurofurence.
Security will be present but we can't support the Artist Alley with extra security service. Eurofurence e.V. as the host of the convention cannot be held responsible for any damaged, lost or stolen goods or money, and it is entirely up to you to take reasonable precautions yourself.

How do I register for the Artist Alley?

You can't! To make it simple: “First come, first serve.”
Everyone, following the rules, can sell their goods there. The Alley holds an extra capacity of single tables (180x80cm / 71"x31.5") with two chairs per table. You can get it for yourself or share it with some fellow artists. The layout is published in the Eurofurence Forum.

What rules did you talk about?
  • You must be an attendee of Eurofurence and can be identified with your conbadge, which says you paid the convention fee.
  • No reservation: First come, first serve every day!
  • No extra security service. But when you see something suspicious or have trouble with one of the customers you can always talk to the Security or the Dealers' Den team.
  • Absolutely NO adult material! This is a transition area which must stay “clean” at all costs unless you want to bear the consequences.
  • We try to provide every table with power.
  • Anybody with the convention status “Staff” or higher can order you to remove suspicious material, anybody from the Dealers' Den or the Security Team can ask you to clean your table and leave the Artist Alley.

Apart from that the Dealers' Den rules have validity:

  • Anything that violates German Law, including, but not limited to: weapons, weapon look-alikes, all kind of Nazi symbols, illegal drugs or pornography depicting pedophilia or zoophilia, racist and religious content, all kind of excessive violence or cruelty even in nonsexual content, rape, toilet activities.
  • Items made of real fur or animal body parts, such as taxidermy animals, clothing or accessories (leather may be excepted).
  • Additionally, we do not allow the sale of sex toys, fetish gear and other items that the management of the Dealers' Den deems inappropriate.
  • Copyrighted material (see the subject "Fan Art" below) might be displayed but not for sale!
  • Hotel regulations prohibit selling food or beverages. The sale of beverages or food in closed containers may be permitted in special cases, with explicit permission from the Dealers' Den Management.

Some rules you might follow in consideration to fellow artists:

  • Do not block more than one single table for yourself.
  • Be polite.
  • If there are any problems among the artists please feel free to contact the Dealers' Den team we are there to help.
  • When you are done for the day or got enough commissions/work to spend some time with, we appreciate to clear the table for some other artist or dealer to get a chance offering their goods and talent.

Preferred Merchandise

Because we're a furry convention, your goods or services should be of interest to furry fans. Typical items for sale are, for example, (badge) commissions, original furry artwork and prints, CDs and DVDs with artwork and other little items.

Fan Art - that is, art based on TV series, games, or other intellectual property of a third party - can only be displayed and sold subject to some limitations. Ideally, the dealer can provide a legal agreement with the rights holder granting them the right to use the intellectual property in question. Failing this, any use of third-party intellectual property must be within the limits of Fair Use / Free Use or equivalent regulations. In any case, the dealers are responsible that the merchandise they offer does not violate copyright, trade law, or other applicable law. Nevertheless we reserve the right to check your offerings more than once during the convention and may ask you to remove conspicuous material / artwork out of your stock.

If you are unsure you can contact the Dealers’ Den Management for further information.

Information service for dealers and guests

During the opening times there will always be a contact person from the Dealers' Den team around.

For the bulletin and additional service please follow us on Twitter @ EF_DealersDen.