Estrel Hotel, Berlin
24. - 28. August 2022

“Welcome to Tortuga - On the High Seas"


Artwork by J.C.​ "Land! Laaand!" the cry echoes over the deck you’ve spent so much time on (you know where to find every single hole, having scrubbed it more times than you’d like to remember). Moving as one, all of the crew rushes to be the first to see.
Ah, land! After so much time at sea, you were beginning to doubt if you’d ever be finding that mysterious, hidden island where the old maps said creatures of many shapes and sizes come to be together. You’ve spent many a sleepless night reading the stories of other explorers…You hurriedly offboard the ship, breathing in the sweet tropical air rich with promises.

“Arr, what ye be seekin here?” You jump as a voice seems to come from nowhere. The old pirate next to you with a silent parrot on his shoulder seems to be waiting for an answer. Yes. What are you doing here?
There are simply so many things to do and see! When the mead flows and the cards are in one’s favour, the possibilities are endless! The performers in their colourful furry costumes, the market full of its exotic wares and of course the stories of the deep ocean shared over drinks at night. Hastily scribbled down notes spoke of performers battling through dance in a darkened arena, letting their bodies tell the story.

You may need time to find back your landlegs amidst all this, but the island has much on offer for a good grub and a good sleep. Surely, being surrounded by so many other pirates ought to make one wary…but the honour code is forever strong.
The wild stories you’ve read spoke of hidden treasure and fierce competition to get it, as well, but isn’t that just another part of that crazy thing called life?

“I be seekin all the best of pirates, matey” you finally speak to the old pirate and his parrot. He nods at you. You know all you need to do is start walking.


About Eurofurence

Eurofurence is Europe's largest furry convention, taking place annually since 25 years. Interested in drawing? Fursuiting? Gaming? Dancing? Or just having fun, meeting old and new friends from around the globe? Then this convention just might be for you! Registration opens in January 2022.

We are a collection of artists, animators, writers, costumers, puppeteers, and just everyday fans who enjoy cartoon animals and anthropomorphic characters of all kind. Eurofurence offers workshops, panel discussions, an art exhibition, a dealer room, stage events, dances, parties and much more! This page is here to keep you up to date about all the things you need to know if you want to attend, contribute, or both.

About Eurofurence /

Newcomer's Guide

We understand that a convention a big as Eurofurence might be overwhelming and confusing at first, so here's what you need to know to get you started for your first time. The following guide is for people new to EF or new to cons at all. If you find any information lacking or a question left unclear, don't hesitate to write us.

General Policies

First and foremost, as an attendee of Eurofurence, you must have read and agreed to all general policies.
Take your time and make sure you understand everything. If in doubt, contact our security department about questions regarding these rules.

You'll find all policies under "Policies", section "General Policies".

Furthermore, all policies listed under "Event Policies" apply to all attendees who attend certain events or activities at the convention.

Dates & Deadlines

There are various dates and deadlines to keep in mind. Generally, you'd want to keep track of registration, booking and payment dates:

  • Registration usually starts around January or February. Exact date and time is being announced at
  • Membership payment due dates are provided on and within your registration confirmation emails.
  • Check for details on the hotel booking process and affiliated dates.

Artists may additionally need to keep an eye on application deadlines for Art Show and Dealers' Den:

Fursuiters may want to keep the fursuit badge registration deadline in mind:

Overflow Hotels

Getting a spot at the popular main hotel is tough, we know that. Part of our efforts to improve this situation is by providing alternatives; On our Overflow page, we'll point you towards suitable hotels and hostels. Expect this information to be available some weeks before the convention. If you rely on such an option, check the page frequently!

Your Way to Eurofurence

You won't be left alone to find your way to the convention. Our Travel Guide provides useful information on how to get to Berlin and the Hotel itself, where to park your car, how much it costs, and so on.
This page is being updated more frequently as the convention draws near, so make sure to check back for updates!

At the Convention

Once arrived at the convention, there are two very first things to do in no particular order:

  • Check in with the hotel at the reception and receive your room key.
  • Check in to the convention at our Registration Desk on-site and receive your convention badge, Con Book and various other goodies.
    To find the Registration Desk, check available maps or ask other attendees or our staff.
    Outside of registration hours, you can register at any time at the Security Frontdesk.

If you ever need to identify our staff, that's easy:

  • Orange and red lanyards indicate staff members.
  • Blue & Yellow indicate our security personnel - they can not only answer all your questions, but they'll also keep you safe and are able to provide medical help, if need arises.

Working at Eurofurence

If you'd like to lend a helping hand at or around the convention, we've got a list of open positions to fill. Make sure to check the page frequently, as we keep updating it throughout the entire year.

Artists: Selling at Eurofurence

There are generally two ways of selling merchandise at Eurofurence: by auction in the Art Show / Art Auction and directly in the Dealers' Den or Artist Alley. All options except Artist Alley require you to to register beforehand until a given deadline and apply for a panel or table accordingly. Read on for deadlines and application processes: