Featured Artist – Lofi

Hi! My name is lofi or loafy or loaf and I do art. I was born in 1990 and spent most of my life in Kansas surrounded by cows and wheat fields up until recently when I relocated to Denver, Colorado. Now I live there with Kenket and we eat lots of tacos.
I started painting digitally in 2008 and am for the most part self-taught. Art school was never really and option for me as I don't come from a wealthy family. I just kind of locked myself in my bedroom and practiced until I started to suck less.

I have been in the fandom since 2015 or so and have met many good friends.
Eventually I'd like to be an environment concept artist or color key artist or advertising illustrator for video games or movies. That was my dream from the beginning. I'm in no hurry though.
I wouldn't trade my experiences doing furry art for any of that stuff. The fandom is extremely supportive and I think I'd struggle to find a more talented and colorful group of people anywhere else.
I am honored to do art for the new Eurofurence website and hope to see some of you there in 2019!

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