Nosecounter 2022

Avast ye, land-lubbers! Just here to gawk at the planks of our swashbuckling beauty laying at anchor over there, or might any of ye dare to actually get their noses wet? Granted, she may not look like much, but let me tell ye, me hearties and her, we've fought our fair share of battles and laid eyes on and plundered more treasure than any kings or queens ever called their own.

Although they still be strugglin' with rrrolling the r, 3434 have already gone on account and paid their dues, while 10 still owe us some treasure, having only partially paid up.

As for ye gawking lot, me matey up in the crow's nest just told me that by and large, 123 of ye've been telling the parrot how easy 't is to become a pirate. Yet 2 seem to be three sheets to the wind, their interest in us thereby remaining unconfirmed! Meanwhile, the crew and I are still busy rattling the bones on how long to keep 5 of ye pending, while 116 have already been accepted, with their permission to come aboard just waiting for their payments to be reaching our treasure chests.

⋄ Unconfirmed: 2 ⋄ New: 5 ⋄ Accepted: 116 ⋄ Partially Paid: 10 ⋄ Paid: 3434 ⋄