Guests of Honor

As is tradition on our ship, the captain and his crew have once again chosen distinguished sailors from our community to set sail with us and share their experience and stories of their exploits with all aboard as our Guests of Honor in panels and on various other occasions throughout the con!

So for this year's voyage, we are proud to be joined by Fox Amoore and JoJoe!

Both are famous across the seven seas, the former for his shanties and the latter for his canvas work, neither of which any decent pirate ship should sail without!

Fox Amoore

If you have sailed on the Eurofurence before, chances are, that you have already heard more than just one of the tracks composed, arranged, performed and/or recorded by Fox Amoore during our Pawpet Show or live at our Charity Concert (neither of which you should miss this year either). The Scottish artist going by the civil name of Ian James Armour has been a fixture on the fandom's nautical charts for multiple decades and, when not on stage or busy giving autographs and selling CDs in the Dealers' Den, is often found socialising with other attendees over a pint of a cold Irish dry stout.

Being a virtuoso on basically any instrument with keys, he has not only performed together with other musicians in the fandom, but also had his albums performed by renowned orchestras, most notably the English Chamber Orchestra (Come Find Me) and the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra (The Dreamcatcher), both of which were recorded at the famed Abbey Road Studios in London. Outside of his various appearances at furry conventions around the globe, Fox Amoore has performed at locations ranging from the Albert Hall and Liverpool's Cavern Club in the UK to Vancouver, Canada to Gold Coast in Australia. His genres are just as diverse as the sites he performs at, with a focus on New Age and Orchestral pieces based strongly on piano, but also including Jazz as well as some Electronica and Modern Dance tracks.

You can find Fox Amoore and his music online on Fur Affinity, Bandcamp, Twitter, SoundCloud, Facebook, DeviantArt and Patreon under his handle FoxAmoore as well as on YouTube as KeyboardFox or on his website:

JoJoe (Jonas Jödicke)

Known for his paintings featuring majestic animals, the aartist Jonas Jödicke aka JoJoe often features spiritual themes like variations on Yin and Yang in his artwork that has been featured online on well-known blogs (e.g. Bored Panda) and websites as well as offline in magazines (e.g. Forbes Magazine, Heartfulness Magazine) and on book covers. Hailing from our very own port of call, Berlin, his art can not only be appreciated, but also obtained worldwide, ranging from more conventional forms like shirts or stickers to new and creative shapes like escape puzzles.

After starting to upload some of his artwork to the world wide web in 2010, the now 28 year old artist has since managed to achieve what many aspire to and turned his hobby into his profession. Amongst his clients, there are many brands known within and without the fandom like Ravensburger, Walmart and Adobe, as well as The Mountain, a brand whose shirts have reached a certain level of cult status within the fandom.

But JoJoe's creativity is not limited to his professional life nor just painting, his hobbies also including writing and playing the piano!

You can find JoJoe and his artwork online on Twitter, DeviantArt, Facebook, Instagram and Patreon under his handle JoJoesArt as well as on Tiktok as JoJoesArt or use his Linktree at you want to purchase some of his art.