Dealers' Den

Opening Times

The Dealers' Den will be open to customers during Eurofurence from Thursday to Saturday, in the afternoon from 12 pm to 6 pm. Dealers will be able to setup and tear down their points of sale outside of these times. The exact times will be announced in the conbook. Outside of the opening times the room will be locked, allowing you to leave your table and merchandise in relative safety overnight if you wish. Eurofurence e.V. as the host of the convention cannot be held responsible for any damaged, lost or stolen goods or money, and it is entirely up to you to take reasonable precautions yourself.

How do I register as a dealer? - UPDATE!

To apply for dealer space, you must fill out our form at starting on the 15th of December 2019, ending on the 31st of December 2019!

The tables will be assigned before the registration for Eurofurence opens. To attend the Den you will still need a valid con ticket by 1st of March 2020 or your table will be assigned to someone on the waiting list.

You can apply for the Dealers'Den after the deadline at any time but the risks ending up on the waiting list are very high.

Table sizes are:

  • half table (90x80cm / 35.5"x31.5")
  • single table (180x80cm / 71"x31.5") → common
  • large table (270x80cm / 106.5"x31.5")
  • double table (360x80cm / 141.5"x31.5") → for two or more artists/dealers

You will get an e-mail notification once we have received your application. This notification is NOT a confirmation for the Dealers' Den nor a confirmation that you have pre-registered for the convention itself!

Registered dealers will receive a written confirmation of any table space that has been assigned to them, together with the first layout of the seating plan, within two weeks after this deadline. Dealers must pay their convention fee in full before the 1st of March 2020 to become eligible for any table space. Your registration date neither influences the amount of table space nor the change of any space being allocated to you at all.

Dealers registering after the deadline will be put on the waiting list and processed on short notice as space permits.

How does the table thing work?

Tables are not assigned on a first come, first served basis. All available table space will be distributed among all applicants within two weeks after the dealer registration deadline. The time of your registration neither influences the amount of table space nor the chance of getting any table space at all. The deadline for dealer registrations is the 31st of December, later applications will be put on the waiting list. All dealers will be informed via e-mail and the seating plan will be published in the Eurofurence forum.

If you can't make it to Eurofurence or decide against participating in the Dealer's Den after all, please inform us in time so another artist or dealer gets the chance to promote their goods.

What If I want a table together with someone?

It is possible to share your table with a friend or fellow artist. There are two ways to do so:

  • One of you applies for the space you would like to share. (If your share comes after the registration was closed and want to be named in the seating plan as well you can drop us an e-mail.)
  • Both of you register and name each other as a "must-have neighbor" in the registration form

You will find further details at the Dealer Registration.

What happens if I don't get a table?

Dealers who didn't get a table will be put on the waiting list and as soon as someone cancels her or his registration the table will be given to someone on the waiting list. Dealers and artists who applied via Dealer Registration will be preferred.

Is there anything I should do once I get a table?

Once the tables are assigned, you can log back into the Dealer Registration where you can leave information, teaser images and some data about yourself. We may publish this material in the Eurofurence smart phone app, twitter countdown, etc for some extra commercial.
Apart from that, you can start preparing goods to sell.

Is it possible that I get less space than I applied for?

Yes, it unfortunately is. Since table space is limited we try to fit in as many artists and dealers as possible without cutting down on the requested space too much.

If you have any questions regarding the Dealers' Den, please contact the Dealers' Den Management.

What does it cost?

Dealer table space is free of charge! However, we reserve the right to limit the space available for each individual dealer, or reject applications entirely, to balance demand with available space.

Every registered guest of the convention may apply for table space, provided the convention fee will be fully paid until 1st of March.

What can I bring?

Preferred Merchandise

Because we're a furry convention, your goods or services should be of interest to furry fans. We know that it's hard to draw a strict line, so we'll leave it at saying that sellers of furry merchandise will be preferred. Typical items for sale are, for example, (badge) commissions, original furry artwork and prints, CDs and DVDs with artwork, pieces of furry-themed jewellery and fursuit materials as well as plushies made out of faux fur.

Fan Art - that is, art based on TV series, games, or other intellectual property of a third party - can only be displayed and sold subject to some limitations. Ideally, the dealer can provide a legal agreement with the rights holder granting them the right to use the intellectual property in question. Failing this, any use of third-party intellectual property must be within the limits of Fair Use / Free Use or equivalent regulations. In any case, the dealers are responsible that the merchandise they offer does not violate copyright, trade law, or other applicable law. Nevertheless we reserve the right to check your offerings more than once during the convention and may ask you to remove conspicuous material / artwork out of your stock.

If you are unsure you can contact the Dealers’ Den Management for further information.

Prohibited Merchandise

The Dealers' Den is an adults-only area, so adult-oriented material may be sold. However, we would like to ask our dealers to apply some common sense. Some items must never be sold:

  • Anything that violates German Law, including, but not limited to: weapons, weapon look-alikes, all kind of Nazi symbols, illegal drugs or pornography depicting pedophilia or zoophilia, racist and religious content, all kind of excessive violence or cruelty even in nonsexual content, rape, toilet activities
  • Items made of real fur or animal body parts, such as taxidermy animals, clothing or accessories (leather may be excepted).
  • Additionally, we do not allow the sale of items that the management of the Dealers' Den deems inappropriate.
  • Copyrighted material (see the subject “Fan Art” above) might be displayed but not for sale!
  • Hotel regulations prohibit selling food or beverages. The sale of beverages or food in closed containers may be permitted in special cases, with explicit permission from the Dealers' Den Management.

The members of the Dealers' Den team are allowed to check and, if necessary, remove items and artwork from your table at the convention itself if we think it breaches the rules.

If you are unsure if your merchandise might fall into any of these categories, please contact the Dealers' Den management!

How will everything be handled on site?

The Dealers' Den will be open to customers during Eurofurence from Thursday to Saturday, in the afternoon from 12 pm to 6 pm. Dealers will be able to setup and tear down their points of sale outside of these times.

A lot of artists use a table cloth or other kind of decoration. You are allowed to frame your table or stack some smaller shelves to enlarge your display space as long as you don't disturb other dealers, artists or customers. You may set up a banner or a display if you don’t disturb other artists or dealers. The emergency exits and the escape ways need to be empty at any time; loud music or machinery disturbing others are also not allowed. Open fire like candles are forbidden!

Every dealer and artist needs to sign a declaration waiver. Furthermore, you can name one helper who will get access to the Dealers' Den during setup, breakdown, and opening times to support you. You will also get a handout with all the latest information with your table and the waiver.

Outside of the Dealers' Den official opening times, we recommend you cover your table with a table cloth. If you can't bring your own, the Eurofurence Dealers' Den team will help out.

During the opening times there will always be a contact person from the Dealers' Den team around.

Contact / Information service for dealers and guests