Eurofurence Art Show

So, you are an artist? A sculptor? A painter? Your topic is furry, and you are looking for the place to show your works to the public? Then the Eurofurence Art Show is just the event for you! The Eurofurence Art Show is one of Europe's major display / sales exhibitions for furry-themed artwork. Everybody who has an interest in furry art is wholeheartedly invited to take part.

Artist Signup

To register as an artist for the EF Art Show, please read the following document, which contains the registration and panel distribution process (including using an agent).

You will also need to read the next two chapters on Artist Rules and Artist Guide, which inform you about acceptable exhibits and contain important information e.g. on panel measurements. Register only after you are sure you understand the rules and the technical details. Every con is different in its specifics, so you don't want to assume.

By registering, you agree to observe the rules in their entirety.

The deadline for applications is the 31st of March. Applications after that date are possible, but there may not be any free space in the show.

Artist Rules

Here are the full rules for the show. Yes, some of them are rather strict. We're sorry, there are legal considerations that govern some of them. We'll do our best to accommodate you nonetheless.

Artist Guide

This chapter will provide you with all the information that has not been covered by the signup or the rules section. How does the Art Show look like? What are the panel sizes? How will art be hung on the panel? Photos are available to answer your questions. Prepare your art for hanging – in a way that it does not fall down and gets damaged.

Bidder Information

Here, you will find the information for bidding on a piece in the Art Show.

The most important information: You must pay cash. Please have sufficient funds (in Euro!) ready at pickup. Unlike other cons, we only provide the marketplace for the artists and do not sell the art in the convention's name. That means that the artists need to get their money immediately, and we can't go through credit card accounts et al.

Bidders need to register at the Art Show entrance to receive bidsheets and a bidder's number. Please don't wait until the last second to register – we can handle only so many bidders per hour.

The complete rules can be found here:

By bidding in the Art Show, you agree to these rules. Of course, you can visit the Art Show just for pleasure, and are not required to become a bidder.

Any More Questions?

You can always ask us a question. We don't bite. Mostly. Just contact the Art Show Managers.