Banner Exchange Program

You want your convention to appear in the partners slide on the bottom of our website? Drop us a message.

We'd need two things from you:

  • Our banner on your website. You'll find our file under the permanent URL - When placing it onto your page, feel free to use this direct link. Our hosting is very stable, and very unlikely to disappear anytime in the far future. Plus, we'll eventually maintain a more theme-specific picture according to the annual convention theme.
  • Your banner. It should be 200x80 px in size. Static pictures are preferred, but not a must. If you decide to animate your banner, please don't make it too annoying or load-heavy. We reserve the right to reject your submission if we find it too flashy, quick-changing, unfitting or exceedingly big as a file; In such case, we'd get back at you for a proper version, of course.
    There are two ways to submit your banner:
    1. You send us a file. Done. Easy as that.
    2. You give us an URL, under which your banner is going to be permanently available. That way, whenever you decide to change your banner (e.g. because it's theme-based), it'd change on our website as well. Downside: You'll have to make sure that your banner really IS available - preferably forever! We'd really hate to have dead image links on our website. Also don't worry: We cache the banners and periodically re-check them for changes, so no permanent access to your website is made.
And this is how our current banner looks like:

Eurofurence Banner